History of Nature Fun Ranch

The Nature Fun Ranch started on June 1, 1998.
After losing his mom to pregnancy complications and a close friend to gun violence, 15-year-old former at-risk youth Corey Lane saw a need for change. The crime situation in his neighbourhood provided the need and the grief provided the motivation. Corey and 4 other teenagers, Jeremy Davis, Jamar Nurse, Andrew and Mathew King place their heads together on how they could have fun without getting into trouble.
The aim was to try new things and have extreme adventure. In developing the ideas, they were thinking of how they could develop a positive and attractive alternative to the negative lifestyles and block liming that penetrated their community. They had the challenge of making it so they could attract the youth, their peers, to join the side of ‘good over evil’.
Watching their peers drop out of school to join the gang and block life had become very depressing. Dog and cock (rooster) fighting, drug abuse, violence and prison life became the mainstay for many. The truth is that many of them were bored, disenchanted and needed affirmation. The Ranch became the new positive alternative. ‘Bringing out the Positive +Charge+ in Youth’
All of this led to the Nature Fun Ranch as it stands today, obviously with modifications as the years passed but with core values remaining in place. One of the greatest successes of NFR has to be its ability to positively channel and focus its members to go on to lead very positive lives and make meaningful contributions to society.
Nature Fun Ranch was named after each of the main focus sections: Nature – representing organic gardening, horticulture, clean ups, environmental awareness etc. Fun – representing the Fun, Challenging and Adventurous activity program i.e. kayaking, hikes, camps, horseback riding, etc. Ranch – representing the animal husbandry including rabbit rearing and a Mounted Troop. Other – includes educational programs, juvenile delinquency services, fundraising and skills programs.