APEX Intervention Programme

What is APEX? In a nutshell

Attract – using attractive adventurous activities to tackle part of the root problem of boredom, this makes them want to a part of and assists with discipline in the short-term
Attach – using a family vibe and comradery in response to a need to be a part of and a belonging to

Passion – becoming lit a fire with an inner drive for something in life
Purpose – goal setting and something to strive and live for, this assist with discipline and focus in the long-term

Exposure – Exposure to positive wholesome exciting options in life to assist with the building of a passion(s)
Empowerment – Taking the new attraction, passion and goals to power one towards further or better education, life choices, career, business, toward a Better LIFE

Xchange – exchanging an at-risk life for a positive life
Xchange – exchanging and giving back to others who face similar challenges